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From our Facebook page
  • The best thing to happen to Wymondham in ages!
  • You're wonderful! Thanks again! It's such a great place! 
  • It's lovely, people can create good memories and walking with friends x
  • It was so easy being able to park right in the field. Such a wonderful facility for us bigger families...and for my Dudley who is blind.
  • Super first time on the field today! some great recall training done too (once I had sniffed every inch of the field ). Such a great space, looking forward to a return visit soon.
  • Our dog loved his first time today!! Thank you so much for providing this, its money well spent using it!
  • Fantastic first time at the field!!! What a great place! 
  • We had the best morning ever at our first time on the field!! Spencer absolutely loved chasing his frisbee around and when we did some recall training with him we finished on a high with a recall from one length of the field to the other 😁😍 then to finish our hour off, we met some other lovely puppies and their owners. What a fab morning, and a fab place. Will definitely be booking again - thank you
  • Betty and Tank are having the best time ever in the Paws for Play field. Thank you so much for making this available .
  • All my wishes came true today 😊 Barney (Cockapoo) was let off the lead and Daisy (Beardie) felt soooo lovely after her mad run refused the car ride home and walked 😱 She hasn't walked on pavement in public areas since she was a puppy - that's 3 1/2 years ago. I think we had a breakthrough today 😄 
    THANK YOU Paws for play x x
  • This is just what I have been looking for as I have a Romanian street dog that has absolutely no recall and does not like a lot of other dogs. It will be great to let her have a good run and see if we have any chances of improving her recall.
  • Loved our first trip to the field today. Was lovely to see my boy running freely playing with his ball and the leaves! Thank you so much for making this happen. Can't wait to book again!
  • Thanks so much for this! My dogs had a blast and are now sound asleep! Love seeing the doggies off lead!
  • Buffy really enjoyed her first walk in the paws for play field ☺🐕 the humans liked it too was great to have stress free, off lead walk/run .
  • The field is brilliant, well done a much needed secure field for all dogs
  • Highly recommend it, especially for those dogs who for one reason or another can't normally be let off...Winston suffers from fear aggression after being attacked by another dog so is always on his lead ... To see him running around lead free was just wonderful!! Thank you SO MUCH Paws for Play xx
  • What a great place! My boys had a great time yesterday 😍 The field is HUGE and totally secure and we will definitely be back! Love it❤️
  • My 3 had a fantastic time this morning, thank you so much. Gizmo is 10 and has never been off lead like this in his life!
  •  He's not able to be walked near traffic and rarely comes back when called. This is his only place to run free.
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